image showing pathway through bamboo forest

Our Mission

At Sova, our passion stems from a vision to cultivate comfort, care, and convenience.

Our journey began when our co-founder found inspiration during a difficult time to create The One Sheet - an innovation to simplify bed-making without compromising comfort or sustainability.

Today, The One Sheet has blossomed into so much more than a product. It has sparked a movement rooted in our core values of ethical innovation, accessibility, and efficient luxury for all.

We believe in the power of hope and positivity to uplift lives through purpose-driven design.

We envision a world where care for our shared planet is second nature. Where quality, sustainable goods are the norm, not the exception. Where comfort, equity and care thrive as natural principles we integrate into products, into business, into life.

We welcome you to join the Sova journey. Let's seed change, open access to simple joys that renew body, mind and spirit. Let's cultivate the world we wish to see, one dreamer, one seed, one sheet at a time.

Our passion is only matched by our persistence to see this vision unfold. We pour our full hearts and souls into this work because it aligns with who we are.

We're hopeful at how much further our purpose can take us. We remain dedicated to honoring people and planet through innovation and joy. This is the Sova way.