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Try The One Sheet for 100 Nights Risk Free

Mesh wash bag perfect for bedsheets. This wash bag will improve the longevity of your bedsheets in the wash! Prevent damage to your delicate clothes and sheets in the washer. Not intended to be used for drying. 

Try The One Sheet for 100 nights risk free

We are so confident that you will love The One Sheet that we are willing to let you try it for 100 days, risk free. Don't like it? We will buy it back from you, shipping included


Includes 1 The One Sheet in size of your choice and 2 pillow cases

Pre-washed and packaged in a reusable drawstring bag made from scrap fabric

Frequently Asked Questions

I like to stick my feet off the side of the bed. Can I still do that with The One Sheet?

Yes! The Top sheet is only connected along the bottom, and a few inches up the side. Your leg movement won't be restricted at all using The One Sheet

I don't normally sleep with a top sheet. Is this product for me?

Yes! The One Sheet has successfully converted HUNDREDS of non-top sheet users. Head over to our Sheet Talk Blog to learn why you should be using a top sheet

I have a deep pocket mattress, will The One Sheet fit?

The One Sheet is compatible with deep pocket mattress of thickness up to 18"

I have a king size pillows, will the included pillow cases be compatible?

All king size sets will ship with king size pillow cases

I have an adjustable base, will The One Sheet work for me?

Yes! As long as it is not a split adjustable base where the two sides move in different directions, The One Sheet is great for an adjustable base!

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About Us

Read about our origin story and mission here

"I will never go back to ordinary sheets again"

Cierra S.

Best Sleep Of My Life!

After trying these sheets, I will never go back to ordinary sheets again. My husband and I turn over A LOT when we sleep. We were constantly readjusting the sheets throughout the night. These sheets have stopped that completely! They are also very breathable and so soft. We are both sleeping better than we have in years! Plus, making the bed is a breeze!

April M.

Perfect Summer Solution

The sheets are much cooler than traditional cotton sheets. Therefore, we're not tossing and turning like we were. The sheets are very silky and the top sheet would totally get pulled out from being tucked in. However, that is never an issue since it's stitched on! It's further prevented my spouse from yanking the sheet all the way away from me. I wish I'd had these years ago!

Mari M.

Best sheets I've ever slept on!

These sheets are so soft and are made of the highest quality. My husband loves to steal the top sheet and blanket in his sleep. He can no longer do that thanks to Sova! Highly recommend you get these sheets for every bed in your house....I have!!

on the left, woman making the bed with the one sheet. On the right, woman making the bed with traiditonal sheets. Showcasing how she saved 70 seconds with the one sheet

The One Sheet Lets You Win the Day Before it Begins

Making your bed every morning is an essential part of a good self-care routine - but it takes too long. The One Sheet can save users that make their bed every morning up to 90 seconds per day - giving them back nearly 500 minutes a year

Girl tugging sheet showing how it stays in place

End the Game of Bed Sheet Tug-of-War for Good

The One Sheets connected design and extra long top sheet minimizes tugging and keeps your sheets in place all night. Finally put an end to the nightly tug of war.

Demostration of the one sheets connected design

Sleep through the night without losing your covers

Say goodbye to tangled, slipping sheets and wake up to a bed that's as neat as it started. Enjoy peaceful, uninterrupted sleep, all night, every night. By combining the top sheet and the fitted sheet, The One Sheet by Sova solves the many problems associated with traditional 2-piece bedding.

Eco-Luxury Meets Unbeatable Functionality

Connected Top Sheet

No more tangled top sheets. No more sheet slipping. No more cover stealing. The One Sheet features an integrated top sheet that is sewn to the fitted sheet along the foot of the bed. This ensures that your top sheet will stay in place all night.

Anchor Tags

No more guesswork when it comes to bed-making. Our patented one-piece sheet has strategically placed anchor tags in the corner that act as guides to simplify bed-making, showing you the correct sheet orientation. The anchors also reinforce the sheet connection, improving durability.

Elongated Top Sheet

Experience the luxury of a well-made bed with our elongated top sheet design. The extra length allows for a hotel-style fold-over at the top, elevating your bedtime aesthetic while securing the sheet in place all night long.

Deep Pocket Corners

The One Sheet effortlessly fits deep-pocket mattresses, accommodating a plush thickness of up to 18 inches, including pillow-top styles. Say goodbye to sheets that slip off or don't cover your thicker, more luxurious mattresses—experience a perfect fit every time.
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Softness Beyond Compare

Premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric that feels like a cloud

thermometer icon

Perfect Sleeping Temperature

Fabric that adjusts to your body's temperature and wicks away moisture for ultimate comfort.

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Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial

Ensure your sleep environment stays fresher, longer with bamboos natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties

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Safe, Sustainable Manufacturing

Certifed STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, ensuring every thread has been tested for harmful substances

Watch How The One Sheet Delivers

image showing pathway through bamboo forest

Crafting Comfort for Tomorrow: Our Sustainable Mission

Our mission was born out of a dual commitment: to disrupt an industry that had been stagnant for ages and to do it in an eco-conscious way. We're rewriting the book on bedding with "The One Sheet," which perfectly fuses luxurious comfort with sustainable design. Dive deeper into our story to discover how we're changing the way you think about sleep, all while being kind to the planet.